Superstudio Maxi


The ideal one-space venue, powered by renewable energy, for your private or public events. The LEED Gold-certified Superstudio Maxi, with its 10,000 square meters of surface space and high ceilings, provides great opportunities of creative freedom for the design of sizable events of all kinds.


Superstudio Maxi is a cutting-edge, multipurpose, totally sustainable facility that was built in 2021 out of the conversion of a former iron and steel plant.


It is the perfect venue for hosting sizable private events as well as public events due to its strategic location and accessibility via the Famagosta Metro line 2, the bike path, the nearby highways, as well as public and private parking options in the neighborhood.


The venue is authorized for public entertainment and it features many entrances and exits as well as sizable service areas (such as restrooms, dressing rooms, private rooms, and conference rooms).


Sustainable, multifunctional, versatile
2.000Solar panels
8.3m height
Your minimal and customizable open-space venue in Milan
Superstudio Maxi

Choose Superstudio Maxi

Amaze your guests by welcoming them in a venue that is minimal, magnificent, and completely customizable. This venue is appropriate for large corporate events, art and lifestyle or corporate B2B fairs, product launches, large events in the fashion, innovation, tech, and IT sectors, as well as the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.


You will be able to express yourself with the greatest degree of freedom, and our team will be there to support you as you work to achieve and outperform your objectives. We will handle all of your requests quickly and with the utmost consideration for your individual needs.

Would you like to make your event unforgettable?

Our mission is to assist you fully and with flexibility in the envisioning and execution of your unforgettable event. We satisfy your needs with the utmost care and professionalism, be it just a request for one or more services, a consulting with internal or external suppliers, or the full organization of the event.


A team of experts in the logistics, production, and development of prestigious physical, hybrid, or digital events is at your total disposal.


We provide fully customizable services and virtual spaces, as well as a 24-hour assistance and support service that is intended to prevent any inconvenience and successfully transfer the essence of your brand. We also support you with tailored setup solutions in accordance with the allocated budgets.

Event planning and consultancy
Custom design of audio, light and video set-up solutions
Setups, scenography development, and custom designs
Digital Services for Conventions, Fairs and Exhibitions
Integrated services to support the development of interactive virtual spaces
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Attention to sustainability is the common thread of all our venues, which have been the subject of thorough architectural redevelopment for better services. We are constantly committing ourselves to develop innovative solutions to environmental protection through both our venues and our additional service offerings.