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About Us

The founders of Superstudio Group, Flavio Lucchini and Gisella Borioli are a known couple of journalists and art directors, that left their mark since the 70’s in the newspaper industry and in the fashion. Called from important editors as Condè Nast, Rizzoli/Corriere Della Sera, Rusconi, Flavio Lucchini projected some of the most innovative headlines in italy, as Amica, Vogue Italy, Lei, Donna; Mondo Uomo, Moda and many other, before dedicating himself completely to contemporary art. Gisella Borioli manages many of these magazines, like the famous Donna, a cult headline of the 80’s, brought in Italy Madame Figaro for Class Editors and cooperated as author and art director for Tv programs, theater projects, Art and Design fairs, Fashion Books ecc.
An exceptional artistic and creative background that allows them to comprehend and ride the changing times, in 1983 the first image Hub, Superstudio 13, Thirteen photo-shooting studios and may other complementary services, for the first time all under one roof. It’s the beginning of the transformation of the Tortona Neighborhood in Milan, as the Heart of Fashion and Design.
Giulia Borioli, Journalist, Director, Creative mind and a Holistic Disciplines enthusiast, is right next to it, contributing to the growth and establishment of this new Milanese reality.
In 2000 Superstudio Più was added to the first headquarters. A huge multifunctional center for events and the artistic, cultural, commercial initiatives.
Superstudio Group coordinates all the various activities from the events to arts, design, communication, and also publishing and educational events.
Thanks to the pioneering activities of Superstudio, that during the years has attracted to itself the most famous names in the world of fashion and design,  the old outskirt area of Via Tortona and its surroundings today has become the most lively and creative district of the city.
In 2015 the new company Superstudio Events  was founded, for the exclusive managing and organization of events. A step that sees the young Tommaso Stecchi Borioli, class 1991, head of the new division and of the projects connected to it. Eyes open on the world, a brilliant mind, native digital, competent in economy as well as in technology, Tommaso Stecchi Borioli, with a young team of experts, innovates the policy and renews the locations dedicated to the events at Superstudio.
The story goes on..