Showrooms for rent for your fashion show

Planning a fashion show? Superstudio Più is home to fashion: you can easily open a temporary shop or organize a fashion show in one of our rooms thanks to a wide range of locations that can fit every event.

Over the years, the bigger rooms have welcomed great fashion shows and presentations in Milan (browse the gallery to find out who has gone to Superstudio over time); the other rooms, the smaller ones, host temporary stores and showrooms of big and important brands.



Setting-up and opening a temporary store can be a winning idea to better sell and promote brand new features and reach a wider audience without investing resources and capital in a definitive way. You will be free to choose how long to open your temporary shop: a week, a weekend or a month, you decide how long to stay open and we take care to give you a location of great charm and value to welcome your audience.

Our spaces will be available for you to set-up a personalized showroom in line with the values of your brand and products you offer.

Our locations for fashions shows, in addition to the classical sets for fashion show, including a central walkway with 5 rows of seats, will allow you to free your imagination and create new solutions for original and unusual fashion presentations that can amaze and fascinate the audience at all times, and best enhance the beauty and quality of the products you offer and the values of your brand.

Our rooms meet the need to provide a location for fashion shows in the centre of Milan being flexible, conceived and equipped to meet the various needs of presentation and promotion: each of our rooms has a driveway that allows you to enter the room comfortably to set up the set, and is equipped with hangings and air cabling. Another very important feature is the presence of very few columns (in some cases none) that allows you to handle the best and make the most out of every centimetre of our venues.

To provide you with a set tailored to all your needs we are ready to set up for you a backstage equipped and a sound control booth where you prefer, making available our large furnishing warehouse as well.

To support you during the promotion and launch of the event or to inform the public of the opening of your temporary shop, we also provide you with our newsletter service, which reaches over 120,000 subscribers and which can be of great support to your brand.
All sort of Furnishings is available in our warehouse, and on demand, we can get you in contact with our traditional suppliers to satisfy all your requests.